About us

Who are we 

Alia Eissa and Nawal Amro are the founders of Quite Simple Clothing established in 2021 in Dubai. They are recent business marketing graduate from American University in Dubai. They are close friends who share the same passion for luxury fashion and that's when they decided to start their own clothing brand revolving around a new concept of Simple unique fashion catering to both men and women. 


We believe that the key to great style is confidence and a good eye for detail. That's why we spend time carefully designing each piece to make you feel at your best, wherever you are. We are transparent about the way we run our business and the quality of materials, so that you can shop consciously. Don't compromise between good style and good conscience - you really can do both with us.


Quite Simple creates a world of simplicity, where our products are designed using premium quality materials to ensure everyone looks good. Our philosophy is all about creating a product that is original and accessible to everyone, without compromising on style or quality. We believe that our products become an extension of your identity and personality, with the ability to change moods and emotions in a moment - opening you up to an exciting new universe.