How to Style Trendy Fashion Items (unisex edition)

How to Style Trendy Fashion Items (unisex edition)

We all enjoy looking at endless videos on our FYP, everyone you see can look so composed and organized. Influenced, you buy the trends yet you can’t seem to figure out how to style a piece once it’s in your closet. It’s just too intimidating. Though, it’s all deceiving, once you have the layout done it can be so easy to get lost in the fun of experimenting with a piece. Here’s how to build that basic foundation:

Cargo pants

As I see it, cargo pants are one of my personal favorites to style. I have them in all of the essential colors: beige, black, brown, you name it, i have it! They are ideal for almost any outing due to the huge range of items you can style them up, or down with.

Cargo pants are often and most commonly paired with a loose and oversized t-shirt, that’s usually the go to look. Even so, there is a wider range of styles you can experiment with.

1- A way to stray away from the standard while still keeping it casual is to pair it with a flannel and a matching shoe, add a tote bag with it all and you have an outfit ready. 

2- For the girls, wearing a tight (long or short sleeve) crop top or body suit is a way to extenuate the waist while working with your already existing features. The best way to give you an hourglass figure is to add to what you have, highlight what you like. 

3- On the contrary, hoodies are a great way to look fashionable, and still be comfortable throughout the day.  

4- Open button ups shirts are a great layering piece to add with your cargos because you can switch up your look throughout the day. Underneath it you could add a tube top, tight cropped shirt, or a tank top.

linen sets 

Linen sets are the easiest to style up or down, it's practically a pre made outfit, nevertheless, it can be pretty plain. Some ways to prevent that from happening are:

1- Incorporating a scarf to your hair with a pop of color or a colorful hair clip can add excitement to your outfit.

2- For a summery look you can add slippers and pair it with a boho, modern straw bag.  However, if you are going for a more casual day to day look, wearing sneakers then pairing it up with a tote bag is more than enough to complete your outfit. 

3- Lastly, adding some jewelry to the set, can give the illusion of a more put together look. Effortless, yet impactful.


Blazers are a true example of how fashion has evolved. There’s no longer a need to wear them in the “conventional” way, instead, you can style them down for a more relaxed environment. 

1- Shorts, denim or not, are a subtle way to dress down the look. Match your blazer with a pair of nice biker shorts to make it into an active look.

2- Wearing it with a dress or skirt can either amplify, or simplify the outfit.  It all comes down to material, fit, and color.

3- By far the easiest way to style both a cropped, or full-length blazer for me has been a simple pair or jeans. All you need is a plain shirt underneath and you have, more or less, two outfits in one, just take off the blazer.

 4-  At this point your look is already complete, if you still think it looks boring, add a hat and basic jewelry to decorate the look.

Biker shorts/ shorts 

Shorts are a quick outfit to put on if you're feeling lazy, and they’re perfect for those hot summer days. It’s a stylish refresher from jeans.

1-To add an extra level of cosiness, combine them with a graphic sweatshirt or hoodie and a comfortable shoe.

 2- Similarly, an oversized shirt and a matching shoe would be great for the unbearable heat.

3-On the other hand, button up shirts could add an element of class and make you look more put together, while keeping casual.

Sweater vests

Sweater vests are a well-loved trend that are coming back better than before. For the first time I can appreciate the new ways its being styled. 

1- Wearing it like a tank top with dress pants is a creative way of styling this piece. Better for breezy weather.

2- If you’d like to layer, a button up (dress or shirt) is the perfect way to do so. It so effortlessly keeps together the classy front.

3- If formal attire isn’t your style, you can still enjoy wearing a sweater vest, differently though. A nice pair of jeans can look charming with this piece.

4-    Likewise, a tennis skirt can act both as classy and casual, it all comes down to how you dress it. Still, it has potential to look cute.


Hope you enjoy this little read and it was helpful in any way! stay tuned for next week's blog. 

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