How To Find Your Own Style

How To Find Your Own Style

At some point in our life, we all struggle to find our own style because we still yet to figure out who we are. Clothes are an extension of your identity and they represent who you are. When you wear your best outfit, it is usually the outfit that you feel is the most you, it represents you and make you feel good in every aspect.

We as founders of Quite Simple clothing have also struggled to find our own style for the longest time and this is why we wanted to take it upon ourselves and help others, by inspiring and providing the best unisex clothing items. But here are some tips we feel like can add value to your life and help you find your own style and figure out who you really are in fashion, let’s get started! 

1- Experiment 

You have to not be afraid to experiment with different styles and clothing items, the world is your oyster. Try wearing dresses, skirts and more feminine items. Try different style pants and denim, for example it took me years of experimenting to realize that I can only wear mom jeans and that is the only thing that looks good on me and makes me feel good, after that I purchased mum jeans in every single color possible and it is still a staple in my wardrobe. You have to experiment with different items and colour to realize what actually looks good on you and don’t limit yourself to one thing, always be open to try different styles you will be surprised how many outfits and pieces you can actually rock and look good on you. 

2-Comfort is key

During your journey on finding your style, make sure to always go back to comfort. If you are not comfortable then it is simply not your style. Some people are comfortable in skirts, some people find skirts the most headache to wear. Therefore skirts simply are not on their list when it comes to outfits and staples in their wardrobe. Some men cannot wear jeans, it is the most uncomfortable thing for them, while others can live in jeans 24/7. So it always goes back to comfort, if it is not comfortable then you need to look for different alternatives because it is not your style.

3-Match your lifestyle 

As we said before, style and fashion is an extension of your identity, if you are someone that is out and about 12 hours a day, goes from one place to another and walks a lot, then heels for example should not be your first choice. Your style has to match and elevate your lifestyle. For example, I am either working or at the gym or running errands. Therefore my go to style is leggings, sweatpants, cargo pants usually matched with oversized t-shirts/ shirts and tank tops with some cool low dunks. This kind of style matches with my lifestyle and actually adds value to it, because it means I can wear one outfit and it will be suitable for my day no matter what I get up too. Therefore, you need to think about how you want to represent yourself on a daily basis and how your outfits/ style actually elevate your lifestyle. And from there you will be able to find clothing items that are you. 

4- Find your color

You need to understand your skin tone and what matches with it, wearing colors that make your skin tone stand out will make your outfits 10x better. Some people always go for black for a safer option, however once they start wearing some color they realize that it actually makes them stand out and can make such a simple outfit look better than any other outfit. Make sure to add some colors in your essentials that can elevate your outfits but also makes you confident. White usually suits a lot of people and can actually look very chic. Purple suits a lot of darker skin tones and helps make it stand out. While if you have a yellow undertone usually more brown, peach and green will make you look amazing. So find your colors, don’t be afraid to experiment and avoid colors that just don't make you look your best.

5- Shoes and bags

Shoes and bags can either break or make an outfit, so it is so important to invest in some good shoes and bags, even the ones with a pop of color and weird shape. How many times have we seen outfits that are so simple but the shoes and the bags AKA accessorise just elevated the outfit 10x more than it is. If you are in doubt with finding your style just start with the shoes and bags and from there you will see what you want to come up with. Try different colors and try to match the shoes with the bag you will see how amazing some outfits are. 

Remember, your style is who you are and you should be comfortable and confident in whatever you choose to wear. Share any tips in the comments that helped you find your style!

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